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Workin' on my night cheese a drawing, lis'nin to Pandora, "Elevator" by Eminem comes on, and...
>"I'm livin' in a house with a fuckin' elevator"
>So am I
>Also has 3 pools
>Toilets that wipe you without toilet paper?
>Complete with ass cleaner?
>Neighbor's a celebrity?
>You know it.
>Not even lying.
>And that's just my summer home.

BWAHAHAHA actually not my house. But still, I do live in it durin' the summers.

Also got a haircut today.
Mum and pop say it looks too much like Cousin's.
And it does, but...



Anyway, kinda annoyed me how the lady cutting it was surprised I cut so much hair off, when in reality I only got 'round four inches off.
Well pardon me if I'm not like you wimmin who only get a haircut for a few
split ends"

Welp, before I continue workin' on my drawing, familiarize yourself with who's in it, if ya haven't already. (Under subheading "Phyllis") Got a flow of new watchers recently, so welcome, and go explore my journals. Specifically anything mentioned here, because I reference those journals the most.
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August 10, 2012


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